Welcome to Web Design I

Web Design I offers an introduction to the internet and world of code that makes webpages and websites work. You will learn:

You will also learn how to find a wide range of resources on-line to assist you in creating well-designed webpages. The list of possible sites is almost limitless...so learning to determine which ones are good and which ones are maybe not so great is essential. You will also learn, hopefully, that all the latest flashy wing dings and tricks are not what makes a successful site! Mastering the basics and using them effectively is critical to becoming a great web designer!

This semester long class requires you to work well independently, have a good level of basic computer skills, be willing to try new things, and have a creative mind. You will work with peers on several projects, but the majority of your work will be on your own. Your work will be turned in for grading using several technologies: email, FTP uploads, and saving to a folder on a school server.

Your grade will be based on your proficiency with each assigned task and project. All activities will be scored using a 1-4 scale. The standards for the class as as follows:

Review the class syllabus for more information.

This is a link to the McKay High School Site. The site is created using WordPress. You can explore this powerful tool in Web Design II, or on your own time.